Financial ITIL

The financial model is often underdeveloped for IT, and the staff that combines financial expertise and IT experience is scarce.

Itera invites you to learn about FINANCIAL ITIL, a solution aimed to give visibility and quality information to understand the financial, expected and received value of investments in IT services, as well as its changes within the service's life cycle.


  • It is the integration of 4 sets of business financial practices to the IT Area to transform the IT Organizations from Cost Centers to Business Partners.
  • It allows companies to have financial visibility to make decisions on their IT investments and improve the delivered services by reducing the associated costs.
  • Its importance is observed in companies that stop paying "whatever it is" for IT and start demanding to see the value they are getting.

“CEOs (also) have the responsibility of collaborating in the definition of the strategic direction of our companies and to manage towards profitability”

Allow us to introduce you to the benefits of implementing this successfully proven solution

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FINANCIAL ITIL is aimed to companies or organizations that:

    • Depend and/or invest substantially in IT services
    • Are looking for financial assessment models on provision options for IT services (outsourcing)
    • Need to reduce the associated costs.

Results alignment for the client:


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