Financial ALM

Currently, many of companies' operations are linked to the use and flexibility of its applications.

Financial systems worldwide are facing a complex situation in which they have to overcome the crisis, ensure a successful operation in the long term and establish competitive and better controlled market strategies. Within IT, this problem has several faces, but one of the greatest challenges for the Institutions is the Application Lifecycle Management.

92% of the cost of an application is generated after initial delivery

An average company spends approximately 80% of its IT budget on its applications’ maintenance

Some of the most common problems in this area are:
  • Nonexistent or ineffective mechanisms to measure objectives achievement
  • Lack of visibility
  • Indicators defined but insufficient
  • Incorrect or insufficient definition of the scope of the requests made by the user areas
  • The times during the need analysis are not measured and this affects the «Time To Market»
  • There are no controls in place for the implementation of changes and releases
  • Failures in estimations
  • Lack of Quality Assurance processes

In Itera, we are aware of the problems that Financial Organizations are facing, since we have worked with many of them to help them find a solution.

For this reason, we have developed an ALM solution focused on solving the specific needs of the sector..

 Objectives of the Financial ALM model:
Establish a solution based on the prioritization criteria, on an effective use of resources, and in business opportunities.

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Benefits of implementing a Financial ALM in your organization:
  • Establish the basis for an objective measurement and analysis of IT Time To Market.
  • Establish a measurement system to measure the performance of software development and maintenance services.
  • Add controls that allow decision making in a timely manner for any deviation detected in the delivery of services.
  • Establish or strengthen requests prioritization criteria.
  • Increase productivity during the implementation of activities within the lifecycle, freeing human resources from the administrative burden.
  • Changes and releases implementation controls are not in place
  • Standardize and consolidate data collection to strengthen estimates


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