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1. Benefits of Rational Unified Process (RUP)
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... areas for Software Engineering as "Disciplines" and proposes predefined processes as basis for each of them. It reduces unnecessary costs through the incorporation of key principles for an iterative ...
2. Privacy notice
... 0650 or via email: info.df.mkt@iteraprocess.com, which we need that you confirm by telephone to assure reception. In the event that you do not wish to receive promotional messages from us, you can send ...
3. Modern ALM
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Business Breakfast: On October 10 in the city of Guadalajara, Microsoft in collaboration with Itera, offered to different customers from different lines of industry, dedicated to software development, ...
4. Enterprise Architecture, a practice on the rise
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... The talk was presented by Itera Northern Regional Manager: Narcizo Valdés. It addressed the characteristics of the Architecture Development Method and how it can help align IT objectives with business ...
5. Opening offices Ecuador
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Itera is consolidated in Latin America On September 14 Itera became official opening offices in Ecuador, establishing itself as one of the most outstanding multinational Information Technology firms ...
6. Itera Spain presents success stories
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... their needs both business and technological and how can be covered by their software solutions Itera Process was invited by IBM to present its success story at Canal de Isabel II, who has become a game ...
7. AWS Strategic partner
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To complement its existing cloud strategy, Itera Process, a company specialized in solutions aimed at improving the performance of organizations, has been certified Consulting Partner of Amazon Web ...
8. ATC of the year
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On September 28 IT Institute, the training division of Itera, was recognized by the EC-Council as the best 2012 for Latin America training center (ATC). The award ceremony was held for the first time ...
9. Financial ALM
... the implementation of changes and releases Failures in estimations Lack of Quality Assurance processes In Itera, we are aware of the problems that Financial Organizations are facing, since we have worked ...
10. Innovation through Enterprise Architecture
... to innovate and evolve with a holistic approach that direct and integrate business strategies with the support provided by IT solutions To achieve this, Itera invites you to learn about the advantages ...
11. Financial ITIL
The financial model is often underdeveloped for IT, and the staff that combines financial expertise and IT experience is scarce. Itera invites you to learn about FINANCIAL ITIL, a solution aimed ...
12. IT Outsourcing Governance
... to market Less exposure to informatics risks Flexibility in the creation of work teams, an increased capacity, a best use of resources for specific issues Itera can help your company by ...
13. PM for the oil industry
... and increase productivity and efficiency, as well as optimize human resources management. PM for the oil industry is a strategy generated by Itera, which presents the advantages that can be obtained through ...
14. Itera Ecuador
ITERA Ecuador Av. Orellana N E9-195 y 6 de Diciembre. Edificio Alisal de Orellana, Oficina 901 y 903, noveno piso. Quito, Ecuador See Itera - IT Institute Ecuador in ...
15. Itera Brasil Rio de Janeiro
ITERA Brasil Rio de Janeiro Av. Rio Branco, 257 gr 1208 a 1215 Centro - Cep: 20040-009, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil See IT Institute Rio de Janeiro in a larger map  ...
16. Itera Brasil São Paulo
ITERA Brasil São Paulo Rua Cincinato Braga, 59, Térreo, Gr. TA-2 Bela Vista - Cep: 01333-010, São Paulo, Brasil See IT Institute São Paulo in a larger mapa  ...
17. Itera Chile
ITERA Chile Antonio Bellet 77 Of. 201 Providencia, Santiago, Chile  ...
18. Itera Argentina
ITERA Argentina San Martín 170 - Piso 2 - Galería Güemes - Entrada Cangallo, Buenos Aires, Argentina See  Itera - IT Institute Argentina in a larger map  ...
19. Itera Perú
ITERA Perú Av. Faustino Sánchez Carrión 417 - 419 Oficina 701 (Centro Empresarial Pershing) Magdalena del Mar See Itera - It Institute Perú in a larger map  ...
20. Itera Colombia
ITERA Colombia Calle 143 No.18 A-41, Bogotá, D.C. Colombia See Itera - IT Institute Colombia in a larger map  ...
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