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1. Benefits of an Enterprise Architecture
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What is Enterprise Architecture? It represents the logical organization of the business processes and IT infrastructure, which reflects the integration and the standardization requirements of the "Organization's ...
2. Enterprise Architecture, a practice on the rise
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On Friday November 23, AMPI (Mexican Association of Computer Professionals) offered a breakfast to present one of the issues that is causing a stir in the IT industry: Architecture Development Method. ...
3. AWS Strategic partner
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... services,by treating topics of enterprise applications (SAP),development and testing environments as well as high availability. To close the event were two success stories that showed the solution to ...
4. Innovation through Enterprise Architecture
... of implementing the Enterprise Architecture practice, taking TOGAF™ as framework, which will allow the organization to gain visibility of the value chain and the relationships between the strategic objectives ...
5. Transformación de Infraestructura a la Nube AWS
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... AWS Design and implementation of architectures High Availability (HA) Migrating servers and applications to the AWS cloud “Enterprise Dropbox “ with S3 Repositories mass storage, document imaging ...
6. Enterprise Architecture
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Enterprise Architecture  > learn more about its benefits Itera has pioneered the use of Enterprise Architecture, we currently have implementation projects in South America We are Silver Member ...
7. Strategic partnerships
... provides enterprise-class products used by over 13,000 customers in 45 countries. Itera and Front Range have partnered to promote ITSM products which provide extensive benefits and a quick return of investment ...

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