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1. Benefits of ITIL
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... to support the infrastructure, development, strategy, finance, and IT operations areas. Benefits of implementing an ITIL solution in your organization: Optimum design of business services Contingency ...
2. Benefits of Rational Unified Process (RUP)
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... development and a continuous focus on quality. Benefits of implementing a Rational Unified Process (RUP) solution in your organization: Unified language Predefined processes Maximizes the value ...
3. Benefits of implementing CMMI
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... request to deliver a service. It provides support to the business and to strategic planning through a comprehensive approach to the projects Benefits of implementing an  CMMI solution ...
4. Benefits of Project Management
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... projects office, which eases decision making. It provides support for the business and strategic planning through a comprehensive approach to projects Benefits of implementing a Project Management ...
5. Benefits of an Enterprise Architecture
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... operative model". Increases the business' agility through the optimization, simplification and consolidation of the processes. Benefits of implementing an Enterprise Architecture solution in your organization: ...
6. Benefits of IT Security
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...  IT Security mitigates the risks of losses by leakage, corruption, unauthorized access or information unavailability Benefits of implementing an Information Security solution in your organization: ...
7. Benefits of IT Governance
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...  Benefits of implementing an IT Governance solution in your organization: Define and achieve measurable results through COBIT's control objectives Adopt best practices internationally accepted Focus ...
8. Modern ALM
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... part of the presentation was given by Genaro Vazquez, Itera Account Manager, which presented to the audience the benefits and advantages of developing software in a collaborative, integrated and automated ...
9. Itera Spain presents success stories
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... Division Chef of Computer Protection, explained how Canal de Isabel II implemented the IBM Security AppScan tool, how are they using it and the benefits they obtained. In an exclusive stand inside the ...
10. Financial ALM
... Establish a solution based on the prioritization criteria, on an effective use of resources, and in business opportunities. Enlarge image   Benefits of implementing a Financial ALM in your ...
11. Innovation through Enterprise Architecture
... most important 80% in the development of a project Allow us to introduce you the benefits of establishing an Enterprise Architecture in your Organization Enlarge image   To which ...
12. Financial ITIL
...  Allow us to introduce you to the benefits of implementing this successfully proven solution Enlarge image   FINANCIAL ITIL is aimed to companies or organizations that: Depend ...
13. IT Outsourcing Governance
... IT Outsourcing Services have represented costs up to 50% cheaper; however, the expected value HAS NOT yet been achieved. Benefits of implementing an IT Outsourcing Solution in your organization Focus ...
14. PM for the oil industry
... rapid adoption.  Enlarge image   Some of the benefits are: Reduce redundant work Minimize delays and extra costs Increase productivity Detect risks and problems Avoid unnecessary projects ...
15. Software Engineering / CMMI
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Software Engineering / CMMI > learn more about its benefits Our consultants have extensive experience in the implementation of CMMI, helping organizations of the most various industries ...
16. Project Management
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Project Management  > learn more about its benefits In Itera we are pioneers and specialists in the implementation of Best Practices for Project Management. We are supported by leading ...
17. Enterprise Architecture
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Enterprise Architecture  > learn more about its benefits Itera has pioneered the use of Enterprise Architecture, we currently have implementation projects in South America We are Silver Member ...
18. IT Governance
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IT Governance  > learn more about its benefits Itera has an implementation that provides you with the capabilities to achieve a complete visibility of the IT Area performance. Through best ...
19. IT Management and Support / ITIL
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IT Management and Support / ITIL > learn more about its benefits At Itera we are experts in the implementation and institutionalization of processes aligned to ITIL, which will allow ...
20. Rational Unified Process (RUP)
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Rational Unified Process (RUP) > learn more about its benefits Through its experience in implementing RUP, Itera offers different strategies that fit the type of organization and its objectives. ...
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